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Apostle Dr. Mariah  Nesbit 

Apostle Dr. Mariah  Nesbit 



  Apostle Dr. Mariah Nesbit is highly anointed of God, to preach and to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. She moves in a profound prophetic anointing with great accuracy. Apostle Mariah is mandated by God to go into all the world with the manifestation and the demonstration of the Holy Spirit. If you've ever been to one of her services, I am certain that you witnessed miracles, signs and wonders, healings, deliverance, restoration, prophetic word of knowledge, word of wisdom, and prophetic declarations, by the leading of the Holy Spirit.

   Apostle Mariah is a very powerful teacher, which teaches from the revelatory realm of the Spirit of God, which gives more in depth understanding and impartation, by the Holy Spirit. This causes transformation and a greater consecration in the believer, to do the will of the Father.

  Apostle Dr. Mariah Nesbit received her doctorate degree in 2010, at the Next Dimension Bible College.

Apostle Dr. Mariah Nesbit lives in Southern California with her husband

Apostle Dr. La Marco Nesbit. They have one son who is also in ministry with them. Apostle Mariah is President & Co-Founder of The Body of Christ United Global International Ministries, which they Founded in 1990, Co-Founder & President of the Upper Room Christian Fellowship, which they Founded in 2011, Co-Founder & President of Rhema Revelation Christian Broadcasting Network, which they Founded in 2015, and The Christian FaithBook, which they Founded, Created, Designed,and Developed for the Internet and Launched in 2017. 

  In February of 2018, she will be hosting along with her husband, Apostle

Dr. La Marco Nesbit; “The Supernatural Revealed”, which is a Christian talk show.

Their book which she co-wrote with her husband title “The Revelation of the Supernatural” will be released in 2018.

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