From the beginning of creation, God made everything with a specific purpose to fulfill.   From the smallest microscopic protons and neutrons inside of the nucleus of an atom,to the universe that is so vast that there still remains uncharted             galaxies, which are light years away; far beyond mans comprehension.   God in His infinite wisdom, knowing all things, as well as knowing the end from the beginning, and having all unhderstanding of all that is in time, space, and eternity.  We, who are created out of His DNA, and having the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, who searches the deep things of God, to reveal to us so that we are transformed into that same image, while we are yet upon the earth. It only sees to reason that God would want His children to be wise stewarts of all that He has given to us. 

      The use of a Private Jet provides one of the most valuable of anything here on earth: "It saves time." Time past is gone forever, therefore ministries are to be good stewards of their time in furthering The Gospel of Christ and His Kingdom.

All of the top business men and world leaders make use of Private Jet travel as a matter of routine because it "works" and, saves them time that is truly "Wasted" using  public transportation. Remember the Parable of the "Talents"

(Matt.25:14-30)? The master praised those that gave increase to what he gave them to enlarge his business, all except for one that was afraid to invest the Talents given him even to the point of not letting a worldly Bank pay trivial interest on it. Why is it that God would not expect what He gave the ministry to expand His Kingdom here on earth?

Every hour of saved time can be re-invested into life, ministry, restoration. Traveling via private jet annually provides hundreds of hours back into the lives of those that use them. What could God use you for with a few hundred hours of time annually that would be wasted using public transportation instead of your own aircraft.

In closing, consider this; within the 48 States of the USA Commercial Airlines serve approx 500 airports. Conversely there are more than 5000 airports located within the Continental USA. Why would you not exploit the 90% of destinations the "World" does not serve?

      Let us seriously consider the number of souls that will be saved as a result of our being diligent to do that which God has called, created, and purposed us to do when He sent us to earth, for such a time as this.    Most impartently, the souls that lay in the balance must be reached in a diligent and timely manner, and we are certain that the vehicles that carry the truth of God's Word, that brings forth life, and that life more abundantly, in the service of the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords, is most needful to accomplish His will upon the earth.

     We pray that you will be in full agreement and partner with us in this vision, that God would be glorified in the earth, like never before.  

                        May God Gless You, Forevermore, Sincerely  Rhema Revelation Family

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