Born in 1951, in Columbus, Ohio Jeff Fenholt is a Singer, a Musician and an Actor by his profession. He belongs to American nationality. His age is 65.

He has performed in many school functions. At very young age, when he was just 14 years old he featured  his first Top 40 hit recording with "The Fifth Order", "Gone Too Far." The bright Jeff also had record of juvenile delinquency. He had disturbed childhood and spent few months in jail.

He is gifted with beautiful voice. He was cast in the Broadway run of Jesus Christ Superstar at the Mark Hellinger Theater. He recorded a Disco LP called "Smile in 1978 and earned $300,000 dollars. His autobiography From Darkness To Light explains his abuse and mistreatment as youth including frequent beatings is explained.

His milestone towards his careers was as TBN personality and his involvement with Jesus Christ Superstar, and black sabbath. His personal life is consecrated to God and he has strong faith in Jesus Christ. He has hosted of Christian Talk Show monthly and as well as his own show (Standing On The Rock on TBN) weekly. He is a true follower of Christianity, who goes to church every weekend where he ministers in song and gives testimony. His faith in Christ makes him cry and when he sings, his listeners are also touched and are emotionally overcome by the presence of God. He is blessed with an amazing gift from God, manifested in his awesome vocal abilities. He is able to sing every kind of music. His highly anointed voice makes his every song very special. His words and songs inspire people to believe Jesus Christ and his miracles. He has gained popularity as a Christian as well as controversy with his involvement with the heavy metal band Black Sabbath, of which he is no longer a member of. His testimony that Jesus Christ can your change life completely; is his living and manifested truth, of the reality of who Jesus is in his own life.

Jeff is an ex-singer of Black Sabbath and later converted into Christianity. “Hosanna” is his Classic Christian song that God uses to touch many people. There is no doubt he has amazing voice. His live songs are better than his original recordings. In his testimony he has said, God has saved his life and he decided to quit the band, Black Sabbath, and gave his heart to the Lord Jesus Christ. Now he sings in the name of Lord.

Jeff Fenholt is presently representing Rhema Revelations Christian Broadcasting Network as one of their Spokes Persons. All of the glory goes to God and may the Lord Jesus Christ change your life by asking Him to come and live in your heart.

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