Cyprian Muriungi , 44 years old, married to Evangeline.  God has  blessed with two children, a boy
Alvin and a girl Peninah.  I am the second born in a family of five, two sisters and two brothers. My
parents Joseph and Rose Murigungi, who by God’s grace are still a live, and they are great figures to be treasured because it is through their tireless mentorship I am who I am today.
     In the year 1972, the sun shone on me in the hands of the parents mentioned above. I come from
Eastern hilly parts of Kenya, This location was known as Meru district then, and now it is known as Imenti south county, Gaatia village.
     I started school at a tender age of 6 years at Gaatia primary school it was challenging being woken up in those wee chilly hours of the morning when sleep is sweetest. With time I had to cope because
there was no option because my parents would challenge me to see what my age mates were able to
do though they too had their similar challenges.   After 8 years I made it through, sat for the final exams in primary level; KCPE, had a pass which enabled me to join high school.
      In the year 1986 I joined Nkuene boys high school where I went through an intensive study period of
four years. I received the Lord when I was in my second form. At it's completion I sat for the final the
exam KCSE and results were released I had passed my exams well. In my childhood it was my dream
to become a member of parliament after high school but somehow they were shuttered when my
parents lacked the potential to cater for my further studies.   This never killed my aspirations of becoming a self reliant person, through the encouragement of my parents and friends I started doing small scale farming and shop keeping. This business thrived causing me to be a re‐known businessman in the area.
     In the year 1990 the Lord found me as the service was being conducted in my first worship assembly
– Fasting Evangelism Ministry. I dedicated my time to good service under the mentorship of Pastor
Stephen who was very instrumental in making a disciple out of me, which indeed I am.     As I did
business while in ministry, I developed a deeper desire of reaching out to souls; this scaused me leave the business to be run by my younger brother, who eventually became its sole proprietor, due to my
commitment in ministry.    As I served the Lord under Pastor Stephen, he realized the gift in me and
entrusted me with youth leadership. The Lord was with me in that during my tenure of service, I
managed to start three different churches under the same umbrella which are doing well.     In the year 1996, I left the first fellowship to join Redeemed Gospel Church, where I served the Lord for one year and left to join college: In 1997, I shifted my focus to Nairobi, in persuit of getting more enlightened
in biblical matters and I joined a college; Bible Training for Pastors. I studied and acquired my Certificate in Biblical Studies. In 1998, I joined Pan Africa Christian College ‘‘PACC’’ to persue diploma in Theology.    In 2002, I enrolled at International Institute of Theology where I took course in Leadership and Church administration, and was a warded another certificate.     After the completion of my studies, I was engaged to Evangel, for a year, and we wedded in December, 2003
and God blessed us with our children, whom I mentioned earlier.
Currently I am serving the Lord with the Body of Christ United Global International Ministries as an Ambassadore, Administrator, Laiason, and Director of Ministry Outreach in Kenya, as well as Rhema Revelation Christian Broadcasting Network.     Both of these Ministries are Founded By Apostle Dr. La Marco Nesbit and Co-Founded by Apostle Dr. Mariah Nesbit.     I count it a great honor to serve the Lord under such great leadership.
      Serving the Lord is a noble task, and by His grace, I am well able to handle all of the opportunities that come a long the way.

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