Millions of people watched Terry grow up singing onTBN with his family, The La verne Tripp Family.  They sang for more than 25 yearson television, radio, and live appearances.   Terry is viewed, daily, on more than 10 television networks with a motivational segment entitled,
" Emposer Minute."  His ability to communicate stories, combined with cutural statistics, visual props and Scriprutes, make him a soughy after speaker in churches, conferences and corprate events. Since age three, he's traveled 3.6 million miles and counting.
Married to Kim Tripp
Father of three daughters
Grandfather of one girl
Author of 12 books, including
best-seller, SHUT THE HELL UP
Recorded seven music projects
Distributes faith-based material to 
thousands of Incarcerated people
Mentors other for ministry
Helps publish new and established
Has the covering of a local church
Empowering people weith their true identity is a passion that carries him 85,000 miles a year speaking to a wide-variety of audiences.

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